Mr. Liphapang Tjaoane
(District Coordinator Maseru)

Bed Adult Education, Diploma Forestry, Certificate in Forestry, Certificate in Agriculture

Detailed profile
District milestones as per department
We have 72 Forest Reserves , 5 departmental nurseries which produces most hard to raise forest trees and indigenous species,49 private nurseries that supply the department with both forest and fruit trees. We have one farmer who is also producing wine with grapes from his vine yard at Ha Ntsi.Beekeepers are also growing at an alarming rate. We have one commercial bee keeper at Thaba- Bosiu.

Our good range are in the highlands of the district and we are working hard to improve them with the help of Principal chief Matsieng and Thaba Bosiu as most of the cattle post are in their jurisdiction.


The photo shows the area where we were removing brush in order to improve the rangeland at Botsoela Ha Leloko Semonkong. The upper most and the lower parts are still to be cleared.
We have two active herders associations and eight farmers grazing associations actively involved in range.


The department is responsible in training farmers in good ploughing methods that does not allow soil erosion. We help farmers to construct terraces and diversion farrows to control runoff.
We are in a busy schedule in integrated watershed management where we are engaging about 1500 people working in Maseru rural to control soil erosion.
Water harvesting techniques. Farmers are encouraged to collect sand and stones and the department give them cement and other materials to construct water tanks to water their crops. Below its an example of water tank recently constructed by farmers at Liqoabing.


Physical Address: Lesotho Agricultural College Campus  near Mohokare River
Address: P.O. Box 774, Maseru. Lesotho
Phone: (+266) 2230481
Contact person: Mr. Liphapang Tjaoane



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