"Your prosperity, our pride"


The administration department is an important part of the ministry as it sees to it that recurrent estimates and budgetary data are prepared.   Through this department, the Ministry is able to maintain and supervise all ministerial vehicles and allocate office space and residences.  It also maintains a conducive working environment for all staff members.  It ensures adequate provision of all required needs for efficient execution of duties, supply of clean water, sanitary convenience and cleanliness in all offices.  Administration department promotes participation in sports and all other ministerial activities and maintenance of clean surroundings of the entire ministry. It assesses the management of the Ministry and take inventory of immovable assets.  For up keeping of office surroundings, maintains and support of ICT equipment.


  • It is to assist the ministry with human resource management.
  • To provide and assist the ministry with financial management.
  • To provide the economic planning to the ministry.
  • To assist the ministry in information management.
  • To advice the ministry on legal services.
  • To assist the ministry with procurement services.

Detailed Dept. Information:

The department of administration is intended to provide general guidelines in the management and administration for training and development of the staff.
It ensures transparency and accountability in human resource management and development.
The department assist the ministry with expenditure, revenue control, accounting, reporting, budget coordination and accounts inspection.
For policy formulation, reviews and analysis of project planning, development, appraisal and implementation.
Also for collection of material for publication and Information dissemination. 
For formulation and review of policy documents and linkage between the Ministry and attorney General Chamber.
For formulation of procurement policies and procedures and implementation of procurement standards and best practices.