Lesotho Integrated Agriculture Management Information System

The Lesotho Integrated Agriculture Management Information System (LIAMIS) is a Web Based integrated platform that was developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security with support from FAO. The LIAMIS is a multi-module platform which is providing a seamless integration of various functions providing the Government and development partners an integrated platform for managing agriculture programmes, including monitoring and evaluation. Currently, the LIAMIS houses a National Farmer Registry which provides an in-depth agronomy and agriculture-oriented information and function as a platform for targeting and supporting beneficiaries in various agricultural related programs and overall improve coordination, efficiency and effectiveness of programmes. 

The LIAMIS will run an Electronic Voucher Management Module, a functional, national-level integrated platform that provided the backend system to the entire e-voucher system, accessible to all stakeholders in the agriculture sector, that is, the Government, agro dealers, suppliers, and financial institutions at national and district levels. Other modules will be developed and integrated with time.