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  •  To identify soil conservation problem area and prioritise to facilitate the pursuit and accomplishment of Ministerial and Departmental objectives.
  • To liaise with other sectional heads within the Department and the NGO’s to identify their activities that relate to Soils Section with a purpose to harmonize work relations as well as avoiding duplication of efforts.
  • To develop and provide general guidelines for execution of soil surveying and mapping in order to ensure the quality of data collected as well as its collection methodology.
  • To classify soils on the basis of its peculiar properties and characteristics and perform its thorough interpretation, knowledge and understanding to achieve effective utilization of land resources.
  • To analyse and interpret collected soils in order to differentiate their properties and characteristics so as to conclude their classification.
  • To prepare technical papers and keep current on technical soil literature to have information readily available for land users and the Department.
  • To prepare aerial photos for match lining, inking and stereo before soil survey and mapping soils.
  • To identify critical topics to be researched on, for provision of reliable information on soil to land users e.g. the rate of soil loss
  •  To design and develop on-farm trial methodologies which are easily understood to guide collection of data so as to determine fertility and the rate of soil-loss.
  •  To analyse data collected from trials and interpret the end results and the behaviour of different types under certain circumstances to enable its adoption by the land users for improved increased agricultural productivity.
  • To design the interpretive formula to determine different soil loss and nutrient requirements for best crop production ecologically.
  • To monitor the performance and utilization of classified soils in order to establish their need for future action related to their quality improvement to enhance productivity.
  • To update soil properties from the results obtained from on-farm trials to facilitate appropriate utilization of land.
  • To liaise with other sectional heads in relevant Ministries and Department to solicit mutual support on soil activities, this may be carried out jointly.
  • To liaise with NGOs on the implementation of their soil related programmes to ensure adherence to the set standards.
  • To liaise with other organizations and departments engaged in land management activities as well as international conventions (e.g. UNCCD, SLM, Metolong etc.)
  • To participate in regional and international forums and meeting of UNCCD and UNFCCC in order to share and acquire improved technology and latest information on land management necessary to enhance Departmental/Ministerial programmes.